We have the ability to operate as a Construction Management as-an-Agent or as a Construction Management at Risk for all types of projects. From managing an entire project to supplementing and consulting other construction management teams, We approach every managed project with accountability, transparency and a proactive, hands-on approach.

By conducting regular team meetings and managing every aspect of the project, provides innovative solutions that results in a project that is organized, on time, safe and completed with the high quality results for which we are known.

Trinuc construction management and restoration services span over 8 years of combined experience working on commercial and residential construction projects. We can ensure your project is complete efficiently, on time and on budget, with quality results. Our team of professional project manages will see through the minute details of your project from start to finish, taking into consideration each and every detail of the new construction process. Once your project is underway, we will continually monitor the progress of the project, using detailed construction schedules to meet deadlines and goals, ensuring the efficiency and timely completion of your new construction project.

As a construction manager we are responsible for the following:

  • Project management planning
  • Cost management
  • Time management
  • Quality management
  • Contract administration
  • Safety management
  • Construction management professional practices (manage the team working on the project, define each person’s role and responsibilities, etc.)